How to measure yourself

You can download and print our measuring tape here. Make sure you don’t scale the file and print it in its original size -> Measuring Tape

Written measuring guide


We work with only the most important measurements, so this will take no longer than 10 minutes.

You can easily take these measurements by yourself. Even though this is super simple, it is important that you do this with great care, because we can only achieve the perfect fit if we get precise measurements from you.

It is best to take your measurement in underwear. Try to wear the lingerie you plan on wearing with the made-to-measure garment. If that is not possible, wear something similar.

What you need:

1) A measuring tape – if you don’t have one at hand, you can download one here.

2) A cord – You will need to tie this around your waist, so it will need to be flexible and of a certain thickness. You could use a piece of knitting wool, a ribbon or even a piece of old cable, whatever works for you

3) Lastly, you will need a mirror to crosscheck if you are positioning the measuring tape the right way. Now you can get started!


Place the measuring tape around your bust and make sure it passes the tip of your breasts. Breathe normally and relax whilst taking this measurement. The measuring tape has to be held horizontally, basically parallel to the floor.

To ensure this cross-check the measuring tapes position from different angles using your mirror. Now place your thumb between the measuring tape and your body and read your bust measurement. For your orientation: The bust measurement of a UK size 10 is approximately 92 cm or 36.2 inches.


For this, place the measuring tape just below your bust, where you wear your bra. Again, with this measurement, it is important to breathe normally and relax your upper body. Check the mirror to ensure the measuring tape is in a horizontal position.

Make sure the measuring tape is placed firmly around your body and read the measurement. For your orientation: The underbust measurement of a UK size 10 is approximately 79 cm or 31.1 inches.


Put your feet together and measure the fullest part of your hip. To find this spot you will have to move the measuring tape up and down a bit and see where you find the largest measurement. This differs from woman to woman, with some having the fullest part of their hips around their buttocks whilst others have it around their thighs.

Once you have found your position, check the mirror to ensure that the measuring tape is held horizontally. Now read the measurement. For your orientation: a UK size 10 has a hip measurement of approximately 101 cm or 39.7 inches.


This is where you will need your cord. Tie the cord around your natural waistline. This is the smallest part of your waist, usually about 2 -3 fingers over your navel. Make sure that the cord is tied firmly around your waist without squeezing it.

Now place your measuring tape firmly around the cord and read your waist measurements. For your orientation: a UK size 10 has a waist measurement of approximately 76 cm or 29.9 inches.


Do not take off the cord yet; you will need it for the next measurement, the distance between your waist and the floor. It is important that you are barefooted when measuring this. Lower the measuring tape towards your feet till it barely touches the floor. Make sure your measuring tape is hanging straight without any bends and stand in an upright position.

Now measure the distance between the floor and the chord tied around your waist. For your orientation: the distance between the waist and the floor for a woman whose height is 1,68 m or 5 feet and 6 inches, is approximately 106 cm or 42 inches.

Upper Arm

Almost done! The upper arm width is the last measurement you will have to take. Measure your right arm, if you are a right-handed person and your left arm if you are a left-handed person. Place the measuring tape around your upper arm and find the fullest part of your arm. Measure this and read the measurements. For your orientation: a UK size 10 has an upper arm measurement of approximately 29 cm or 11.4 inches.

To complete your order, you will also need to fill in your height, cup size and the height of the heel you are planning on wearing with your garment. If you are unsure about any of these, please measure these as well. Do get in touch if you have any questions. You can contact us here

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