Auf Wiedersehen, London

They say in London everyone is different, so anyone can fit in and that is something that has always deeply connected us to this city. Its electricity and diversity and free spirit is something that we hope to capture within our dresses and so we will forever be connected to London and are grateful for our time spent here.

But for things to grow things must change and so after months of hand wringing and nervously reading up on Brexit news every morning we have decided to make the leap and move to Berlin, the city of rebirth.
We love London and it will always be part of Seni Dey’s soul but the current situation in the UK in regards to shipping and customs processing has become a quagmire and simply untenable for a small independent company like ours. So in order to grow and remain your reliable partner, we must make a change.

From 2022, for our UK customers, this will mean slightly longer shipping times but we hope to offset this by continuing our pursuit of creating your dream dresses and helping to make your special day exactly the way you imagined it. We are incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing moment in your life and so take this responsibility very seriously. Therefore, reliability has to be a major cornerstone of our business and this move will ensure this. For all other customers, nothing changes

Thanks once again to all of you for creating a bit of magic with us through the years. We aren’t saying goodbye to London but rather “Auf Wiedersehen”, which is simply the German word for goodbye but perfectly captures what we hope to express as its literal definition is – until we meet again.

Auf Wiedersehen, London


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